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536 pages

The Rough Guide to Florida

Creator: Rough Guides | 2009-08-03

The other venue is Dolphin Cove, a five-acre marine environment research center at MM102-Bayside (T305/451-4060, Structured swims (9am, 1pm, & 3.30pm; $165–185) begin with a 30–45 minute educational talk, ...

Publisher: Rough Guides Limited

About this book
The Rough Guide to Florida is the ultimate travel guide with clear maps and detailed coverage of all the best attractions Florida has to offer. Discover the dynamic regions of Florida from the countless theme parks of Disney World, EPCOT, Universal Studios and SeaWorld, to the canals and beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Art deco sites of South Beach and Florida’s expanding Downtown region. Packed with practical advice on what to see and do in Florida this guide provides reliable, up-to-date descriptions of the best hotels in Florida, recommended restaurants and bars in Florida with detailed coverage on a full range of attractions; from day trips to Dry Tortugas Islands to discovering the historic Stranahan House. You’ll find expert tips on exploring Florida’s amazing fishing and boating activities, golf and adventure sports, Florida’s sensational art galleries and museums, all within walking distance of each other, including the Kennedy Space Centre, as well as cultural attractions, shopping and entertainment for all budgets. Navigate all corners of Florida with the clearest maps of any guide. Make the most of your holiday with The Rough Guide to Florida.

325 pages

Captain Black, a romance of the nameless ship

Creator: Sir Max Pemberton | 1911

CAPTAIN BLACK CHAPTER I THE HUNCHBACK OF DOLPHIN'S COVE I do not know that I could begin to tell you of Captain Black's treasure upon any better day than the one which brought the lame seaman to Dolphin's Cove in Cornwall.

112 pages

Dolphin Cove (Seaworld)

Creator: Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster | 2010-12-19

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Dolphin Cove (which is part of the main attraction Key West) is a SeaWorld attraction, which can be found at all SeaWorld parks and holds about 700,000 US gallons (2,650,000 l) of water.

Publisher: Alphascript Publishing

About this book
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Dolphin Cove (which is part of the main attraction Key West) is a SeaWorld attraction, which can be found at all SeaWorld parks and holds about 700,000 US gallons (2,650,000 l) of water. Dolphin Cove was designed to reflect a natural ecosystem and has a underwater viewing area underneath it where the visitors can watch the dolphins while listening to relaxing music. Additionally, visitors are even able listening to the dolphin's communications.

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Dolphin Cove - Swim with dolphins in our natural lagoon ...
Swim with the Dolphins in Key Largo, Florida. Better than Dolphin Encounters, Swimming with the Dolphins at Dolphin Cove dolphin swim program.

Dolphin cove the number one excursion, attraction in Jamaica.
Dolphin Cove Jamaica, swim and interact with dolphins, sharks, and stingrays in their natural environment at Jamaica's number one attraction.

Dolphin Cove: Home of the INFJ-List
Welcome to Dolphin Cove, the INFJ-List's official home on the web.* You'll find information about the INFJ mailing list and INFJ personality, plus resources and ...

Dolphin Cove, Grand Cayman
Swimming with dolphins in Grand Cayman Island at Dolphin Cove with a beautiful natural saltwater lagoons and an excellent interactive programs that you can enjoy!

Dolphin Cove Inn: Hotel Manzanillo Colima
Looking for a hotel in Manzanillo? Dolphin Cove Inn is perfect for friends, families and groups! Infinity pool and restaurant on-site. Book online for savings!


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  • Homecoming

    TV Series Episode Video on Demand

  • Opa Cove

    Swimways Sea Squirts Life Jackets Type III U.S. Coast Guard certified- Pink Dolphin Small

    Sports (Opa Cove)

    Rating (40 reviews):
    Opa Cove

    pink dolphin life jacket

    0 5/5 Mishieru - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Swimways Sea Squirts Dolphin Life Jacket (Sports) I bought this for my 3 year old who can't swim, and wouldn't wear a life jacket. Every time I tried to put one on her she would cry and scream, no matter what I tried. So I purchased this with hopes that she would wear it since it's her favorite color and has a fin on the back. It worked like a charm and she loves it! She loves to pretend she's a shark (even though it's a dolphin, she doesn't need to know that) and every time she wears it she gets so many compliments and people asking where we got it. I also like that it stands out so it's easy to spot her. She wore it to a couple trips to great wolf lodge (all their jackets were either red or blue) so in a crowded place like that, it was really easy to make sure I didn't lose sight of her. This is the cutest thing and we will purchase more. It meets safety standards and keeps her above the water just like it should. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , December 3, 2013

    Adorable and functional

    0 5/5 kristin - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Swimways Sea Squirts Dolphin Life Jacket (Sports) My daughter loves this lifejacket, and it is so cute. She skis in it, too. This is one of the few jackets she can wear all day and not get rubbing rashes. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , December 28, 2012

    It is smaller than I thought.

    0 2/5 Eylem - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Swimways Sea Squirts Dolphin Life Jacket (Sports) I bought the Large size for my 6 years old but it was smaller than I thought. Kind of disappointed. Otherwise the quality is good. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , May 30, 2014
    List Price: $69.95
    Swimways Sea Squirts Life Jackets are Type III U.S. Coast Guard certified as a Personal Flotation Devices
    The arm-hole sizing insures a proper comfortable fit so the strap between the legs doesn't have to be too tight.
    Grab me fin can be used as swimming aid
    Fin folds over when leaning back for active use
    They are fun and kids WANT to wear it. Sea Squirts look like fish for a serious reason. Each design has a flexible fin on the back to help kids get carried away with creative play. It's a brand new idea and there's nothing like Sea Squirts on earth.

  • Ravensburger

    Dolphin Cove 500 Piece Puzzle

    Toy (Ravensburger)

    Rating (63 reviews):

    Ravensburger Excellence

    0 5/5 Joey's Girl (Ohio) - See all my reviews, September 25, 2012

    Good puzzle

    0 4/5 Terry L (USA) - See all my reviews = Durability:, September 25, 2012

    Well made puzzle.

    0 5/5 Rascal - See all my reviews = Durability:, September 16, 2012
    List Price: $13.99
    Price: $9.45
    You Save: $4.54 (32%)
    Puzzles are fun - on your own, or with family and friends
    Relax from your busy life and build a beautiful image and a new memory
    Puzzle measures 19.25" x 14.25"

  • Maytronics - Pool

    Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner with Swivel Cable, 60-Feet

    Lawn & Patio (Maytronics - Pool)
    List Price: $799.99
    Price: $550.00
    You Save: $249.99 (31%)

    Cleans pool floor, cove and walls
    The Dolphin Nautilus is lightweight and easy-to-use, with exceptional performance at an affordable price
    Recommended for in-ground residential pools up to 50 ft. in length

  • Cape Shore

    Coastal Nautical Dolphin Cove Glasses Case and Lens Cloth

    Home (Cape Shore)
    List Price: $19.99
    Price: $14.55
    You Save: $5.44 (27%)

    Case: 6 1/2 inches x 2 1/2 inches x 1 1/2 inches
    Hard protective case beautifully printed design
    Microfiber Lens cleaning cloth approx. 7 x 5 3/4 in
    Machine or hand wash lens cloth with mild soap
    For all types of lenses plastic, mineral, AR coated

  • Royal Brush Manufacturing Company

    Royal and Langnickel Holographic Engraving Art, Dolphin Cove

    Art and Craft Supply (Royal Brush Manufacturing Company)
    List Price: $3.49
    Price: $3.15
    You Save: $0.34 (10%)

    Constructed with quality artist board and professional artist materials
    Board measures 8-inch by 10-inch
    Set includes1 preprinted board, 1 scrape tool, 1 practice board and easy to understand engraving instructions
    Complete engraving art set for any age artist

  • Gallopade International

    The Mystery at Dolphin Cove (Wildlife Mysteries)

    Book (Gallopade International)
    List Price: $24.99
    Price: $22.49
    You Save: $2.50 (10%)

  • Lions Gate

    The Cove

    DVD (Lions Gate)

    Rating (326 reviews):
    Lions Gate

    a must-see documentary

    ****1/2Ric O'Barry may be the world's premier lover of dolphins, but the one place you'll never find him at is Sea World taking in a show. That's because he'd much rather expend his time and energy in freeing those marvelous creatures from captivity - an act for which he has been arrested numerous times and which has earned him the status of persona non grata in many quarters. Yet, although O'Barry may be an "environmental whacko" (maybe even a "dangerous criminal") in the eyes of some, to others - and certainly to the dolphins whose freedom and well-being he champions - O'Barry is a real life hero.The remarkable, consciousness-raising documentary "The Cove" chronicles O'Barry's efforts to make a clandestine video record of a dolphin slaughter that takes place regularly in a secluded cove in Taiji, Japan, far away from public view. Here thousands of dolphins are trapped, some to be captured and sold to dolphinariums, but most to be brutally massacred for... 4/5 Roland E. Zwick (Valencia, Ca USA) - See all my reviews, February 4, 2010

    An Important, Virtually Unknown Problem Needs To Be Exposed

    The new documentary "The Cove" tells a story the Japanese government would rather not be made public.Richard O'Barry, the principal subject of the film, wrestles with almost constant feelings of remorse. In the mid 60s, he served as the technical advisor for the successful television show "Flipper"; he helped find, train and care for the dolphins who played the title character. The success of the series is viewed as the catalyst to the creation of "Ocean Parks" around the world, places like the various "Sea World" parks, where thousands of people visit every year to watch dolphins, whales and other sea creatures perform tricks. O'Barry learns of a small fishing village in Japan, Taijii, where the main business is to capture dolphins and herd them into captivity. They sell the best dolphins to parks, exhibits, "swimming with dolphins" type businesses and more, earning as much as $150,000 for the best of the best. But what do they do with the rest of these creatures? The... 4/5 (Venice, CA United States) - See all my reviews, August 16, 2009

    Touching and inspiring...

    I really think everyone should watch this documentary, not because this is just a great documentary (and it is), or because their cause deserve any more attention than any other animal cruelty or global warming issue, but because it pictures the kind of people the world is most in need nowadays.These people are different from us, who, in most cases, see what is happening to earth and its wildlife and just think: "i wish i could do something to change all this", or maybe just don't care at all. This is where these people differ from us, they actually got out and did something about it, sometimes even risking themselves.What is happening in Japan, and other places in the world, where dolphins are being literally slaughtered, is a cruelty, plain and simple. When i see something like this happening i think: "there is no hope for the human race, we're just doomed, we're killing this planet a creature at a time." But when these kind of people try to do something to... 5/5 Rodrigo Conde "RConde" (São Paulo, SP Brazil) - See all my reviews, February 10, 2010
    List Price: $14.98

  • Custom Decor

    Custom Decor Magnetic Mailbox Cover Dolphin Cove

    Home Improvement (Custom Decor)
    List Price: $15.99
    Price: $10.88
    You Save: $5.11 (32%)

  • Custom Decor Inc.

    Decorative Flag Dolphin Cove 28 inch by 40 inch By Custom Decor

    Lawn & Patio (Custom Decor Inc.)
    List Price: $19.99
    Price: $18.15
    You Save: $1.84 (9%)

    Bold colors
    Flag measures 28" x 40"


Gift Ideas

Dolphin Cove Postage Stamp

dolphins, marine, underwater, reefs, marinelife,
A group of friendly dolphins and coral cohorts welcome you to their crystal clear cove. :: Original Watercolor by Barbara Bayer
Price: $$23.15

Save the Dolphins shirt

save the dolphins, the cove, save the dolphin, the
shirt t-shirt tshirt
Price: $$25.95

Flipping Orca Leggings

orca, killer, whale, blackfish, cove, edentate,
It's got an orca doing summersaults on it
Price: $$31.95

Save Japan Dolphins 2012 Shirt

save, japan, dolphins, taiji, slaughter, porpoise,
Each year, thousands of dolphins are slaughtered in Taiji, Japan. This design is meant to help bring attention to the plight of the dolphins. I started this series after viewing the documentary films The Cove and Minds In The Water. All royalties received from sales of this piece will go to the Save Japan Dolphins campaign. This T-Shirt is based off my 2012 Save Japans Dolphins poster design. Front displays the poster design, with the SAVEJAPANDOLPHINS website displayed prominently across the back. Original design, digitally created.
Price: $$26.95