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117 pages

Frommer's Greek Islands

Creator: John S. Bowman, Sherry Marker, Peter Kerasiotis, Heidi Sarna | 2012-01-18

Fifteen-day Venice (Italy) to Istanbul (Turkey) includes 2-night post-cruise hotel stay in Istanbul; ... Fifteen-day round-trip Athens included 2-night precruise hotel stay; cruise calls in Nauplia, Monemvasia, Rethimnon, Rhodes, Delos, Mykonos, ...

Publisher: Frommers

About this book
Frommer's Complete GuidesAmerica's #1 bestselling travel seriesMore full-color guides than ever beforeFoldout maps in annual guidesOutspoken opinions, exact prices, and insider tips

368 pages

The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Adoption, Everything You Need to Know About Domestic and International Adoption

Creator: Elizabeth Swire Falker | 2006-11-14

What they didn't realize was that the Ritz Carlton Hotel chain doesn't ordinarily provide fridges (larger than the mini-bar variety), microwaves or other things that adoptive parents need when staying in a hotel with a newborn, ...

Publisher: Grand Central Life & Style

About this book
So you've made the decision to adopt. What's next? For starters, how do you know whether domestic or international adoption is right for you? (And what are the real differences between the two?) Adoption insider Elizabeth Swire Falker answers these questions and many more. As an attorney who practices in the area of adoption and has worked with hundreds of families, and as an adoptive parent herself, she offers expert advice on each stage of the process. This comprehensive, accessible guide leads you with confidence through every decision you'll have to make-including the ones that you'd never know to expect. Complete with checklists, tips, sidebars, and plenty of counterintuitive advice, it shows you how to:Identify which adoption experts you do and don't need Find the right birth mother or choose the right country for your family-and how to spot red flags in potential situationsSelect an attorney or agency and prepare for your home visitFinance an adoption on a budget, manage the red tape, and get around the roadblocksNavigate all of the complex emotions that surface along the way. .. With Elizabeth Swire Falker's warm yet been-there-done-that voice, THE ULTIMATE INSIDER'S GUIDE TO ADOPTION is sure to become a tried-and-true resource for adoptive parents everywhere.

704 pages

Frommer's Greece

Creator: John S. Bowman, Peter Kerasiotis, Sherry Marker, Heidi Sarna | History - 2012-02-07

4 SHIP ITINERARY Aegean Thirteen-day Venice (Italy) to Athens includes 2- night postcruise Odyssey hotel stay in Athens; ... Fourteen-day Athens to Istanbul (Turkey) includes 2-night precruise hotel stay in Athens and 2-night postcruise hotel ...

Publisher: Frommers

About this book
Frommer's Complete GuidesAmerica's #1 bestselling travel seriesMore full-color guides than ever beforeFoldout maps in annual guidesOutspoken opinions, exact prices, and insider tips

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  • Airline Ticket Voucher - 2 Roundtrip Airline Tickets Plus A 2 Night Hotel Stay

    Single Detail Page Misc
    List Price: $1,749.00
    Price: $50.00
    You Save: $1,699.00 (97%)

    High Quality Print
    Cost Efficient
    Fast Processing

  • $50 Vacation Cash Card

    Single Detail Page Misc

  • Hyatt, Westin, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Best Western, Quality Inn, Marriott, Wyndham and Sheraton

    Vacation Travel Incentive Voucher

    Single Detail Page Misc (Hyatt, Westin, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Best Western, Quality Inn, Marriott, Wyndham and Sheraton)

    A fantastic Business Incentive for Customers and Prospects. A perfect call to action for customers to attend a seminar or a sales presentation
    For Corporate order greater than 100 units the Voucher is customized with your company name and volume pricing starts at 100 units and brings your cost down below $10 per Voucher.
    Hotels rarely experience full occupancy except during conventions, major holidays and weekends, so they contract with certain travel promotion companies, like us, to give the rooms away free to get people to come and see what they have to offer. When hotels have empty rooms, they do not make any money, and it's a waste of a good room. Although they have lost the price of the room regardless, they can still let you stay for free in the hopes that you'll stay longer, eat in their restaurants, spend money at their in-house shops and casinos, and take advantage of their amenities (spa, room service, etc.). And when you leave, after having had a great time, they hope that you'll come back to stay with them in the future and maybe even tell a few friends. This builds brand loyalty.
    This Voucher allows the recipient to receive TWO NIGHTS FREE ROOM STAY at ALL 22 locations. You can NOT go to the same location twice however EACH of the 22 Location can be visited and a TWO NIGHT FREE Hotel Stay is honored. AN AMAZING VALUE!
    Terrific Vacation Travel Incentive Voucher entitles the recipient a TWO NIGHT hotel say at ALL 22 locations listed below. Use it for yourself or give to a friend. This is a fantastic promotional item to give the clients to thank them for their business or as a call to action reward or recognition.

  • Baker and Taylor

    Alastair Sawdays Special Places To Stay French Chateaux & Hotels (Special Places To Stay French Hotels Chateaux And Other Places) Alastair Sawdays Special Places To Stay

    Single Detail Page Misc (Baker and Taylor)


    Single Detail Page Misc

    Impressive realism: observe and influence the lives of your guests, meet their needs, face their wrath...
    Hundreds of customers to observe, analyze and understand, each client is different... ascertain their personalities, earn their satisfaction and win their tourist dollars.
    Full customization: create multiple services (bars, specialty shops, conference rooms...) and amenities such as pool halls, arcades, executive lounges... configure their layout, choose the contents of the menu for your restaurant and even employ live performers to entertain your guests.
    Intuitive interface, high performance 3D graphic engine which provides day and night features, self illuminating objects and more realistic animations than ever before for the ultimate life simulation gaming experience.
    Great scope: 26 unique hotels in various locations such as Paris, Rome, Los Angeles, and Munich... and more than 1,400 objects and furniture items to decorate and adorn your hotels.

  • Karen Brown's Guides, Inc.

    Ireland: Exceptional Places to Stay & Itineraries

    eBooks (Karen Brown's Guides, Inc.)


    Aruba, Vacations, Hotel, Trips, Caribbean,

    Single Detail Page Misc (

  • Hilton HHonors

    Upgrade Your Hilton Hhonors to Silver Status Just$12.99immediately

    Single Detail Page Misc (Hilton HHonors)

    membership Card
    Hilton HHonors

  • A week in paradise! 5 Days 4 Nights in Cancun Mexico!

    Single Detail Page Misc
    List Price: $150.00

  • Karen Brown's Guides

    Karen Brown's France Hotels 2009: Exceptional Places to Stay & Itineraries (Karen Brown's France Hotels: Exceptional Places to Stay & Itineraries)

    Book (Karen Brown's Guides)
    List Price: $19.95


Gift Ideas

Wedding Accommodation Card | Art Deco Style 4.25" X 5.5" Invitation Card

vintage, wedding, glam, retro, information,
Vintage style wedding accommodation card cards feature elegant and glamorous art deco style fonts, a classic black and white color scheme, and text that can be personalized for your specific needs. This version includes two hotels and reservation information.
Price: $$1.85

"Staying at the La Cucaracha Hotel" Postcard

staying, hotel, la cucaracha, formal,
The hotel I'm staying in has no formal entertainment. So at night the roaches form a mariachi band and begin singing & playing "La Cucaracha" La cucaracha | the cockroach La cucaracha | the cockroach Ya no puede caminar | can no longer walk (Seriously-Cockroaches are known to carry human pathogens, such as Salmonella and E. coli, which can result in human diseases, such as food poisoning or diarrhea. Occasionally, they will destroy fabric and paper products. In large numbers, cockroaches secrete a substance which can result in stains on surfaces they contact and produce disagreeable odors. Finally, products of cockroach infestations, including saliva, feces and cast skins, are a source of allergens and can irritate allergies and asthma in people, especially children.)
Price: $$1.20

Dubai Postcard

dubai, building, beach, atlantis the palm, arab,
The image in this postcard was taken when I traveled to Dubai. I stayed at Atlantis the Pal Hotel and that morning, my family and I were going to take a boat ride to another part of Dubai. When we walked to the boat dock, I looked back and I got the magnificent view of the Atlantis the Palm Hotel, then I took a snapshot!
Price: $$0.95