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258 pages

Simplifying Timeshare 2nd Edition, Vacation Ownership - How to Use it and How to Buy it!

Creator: Karen Holden | Reference - 2014-10-03

A deeded week ata Hilton Grand Vacation Club Resort automatically converts into aset number of HGVClub® points each year. Ownersmay ... Hyatt Vacation Club entered the timeshare foray in 1994 with its first project in Key West, Florida.

Publisher: AuthorHouse

About this book
Do you own a timeshare property, but are not sure how use it to its full potential? Perhaps it is the thought of owing a timeshare that scares you? Maybe you have been asked to attend a sales presentation while on your vacation and been afraid of high pressure tactics? Well, fear no more – this 2nd Edition of Simplifying Timeshare is written in a simple straight forward manner that is easy to follow and understand. For current owners - learn how to use it so that you can get the most out of your ownership or maybe just refresh your memory on those things that you may have simply forgotten. From explanations of industry terminology, all those pesky fees, to the chapter on updated exchange options and member benefits, including a newly added chapter on how to handle those email or telephone scams which have appeared in the past few years and much more. For those who are unfamiliar with timeshare and what benefits it may provide for you and your family, the book provides a quick read that contains personal antidotes as well as easy, self-awareness quizzes for you to do in order to help you decide whether timeshare is or is not right for your lifestyle. Covering everything from the history, the major players, laws, the IN’s and OUT’s of a sales presentation process, real costs and what you should know about buying one. Has the public perception of the industry improved in this new millennium? Has social media impacted the industry? Find out the answers to these questions because as the timeshare industry continues to prove itself as a viable high end vacation alternative to those disappointing, less expensive options. Today ́s buyers understand the importance of their non-working time and how to help shape their vacations and lifestyle choices. The most important reason you should read the book – it provides real and factual buying and user information on the timeshare/vacation ownership industry to help to eliminate the negative stigma and perception.

432 pages

The Everything Family Guide To Timeshares, Buy Smart, Avoid Pitfalls, And Enjoy Your Vacations to the Max!

Creator: Kim Kavin | Travel - 2006-08-09

E-QUESTION Does buying a timeshare from a brand-name developer entitle me to special loyalty rewards programs? Yes — almost always. Developers such as Disney, Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott typically allow their timeshare owners to take ...

Publisher: Everything Books

About this book
The Everything Family Guide to Timeshares is your comprehensive handbook for choosing, purchasing, using, and selling the "perfect" timeshare. You'll learn how to: Separate the deals from the scams; Choose the right timeshare location for your needs; Negotiate a successful contract; Swap timeshares with other owners. This all-inclusive guide includes information on exchange companies, free timeshare vacations, top properties, and unique timeshare opportunities such as yachts and recreational vehicles. Whether you're looking for ideas on where to buy your first timeshare or tips on selling or trading up, The Everything Family Guide to Timeshares is just what you need!

236 pages

Timeshare Vacations For Dummies

Creator: Lisa Ann Schreier | Travel - 2005-07-29

Hyatt Vacation Ownership opened its first resort in July 1994 at the Hyatt Sunset Harbor in Key West, Florida. Although Hyatt Vacation Ownership, Inc., is a separate company from Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, they are a sisterhood with the same ...

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

About this book
There are more than 5,400 timeshare resorts in destinations as diverse as England and Africa, Orlando and Shanghai. More than 3 million North Americans own timeshares around the world. Is timeshare ownership for you? Packed with information for current and prospective owners, this guide points out the plusses and the pitfalls and lets you in on the smartest ways to buy, sell, or swap timeshares. It covers: Questions to ask yourself Questions to ask timeshare sales representatives An overview of the types of timeshare ownership An update on variations on traditional timeshare vacations Financing, maintenance fees, assessments, and other economic considerations Like every For Dummies travel guide, Timeshare vacations For Dummies includes: Down-to-earth trip-planning advice What to look for-and what to look out for Which options best fit your budget and your vacation style Handy Post-it Flags to mark your favorite pages

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