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32 pages

June 26, new outlook

Creator: Ayub Syed | History - 1975

532 pages

Cold Harbor, Grant and Lee, May 26–June 3, 1864

History - 2007-04-01

Here, Grant is not a callous butcher, and Lee does not wage a perfect fight. Within the pages of Cold Harbor, Rhea separates fact from fiction in a charged, evocative narrative.

About this book
Gordon Rhea's gripping fourth volume on the spring 1864 campaign-which pitted Ulysses S. Grant against Robert E. Lee for the first time in the Civil War-vividly re-creates the battles and maneuvers from the stalemate on the North Anna River through the Cold Harbor offensive. Cold Harbor: Grant and Lee, May 26-June 3, 1864 showcases Rhea's tenacious research which elicits stunning new facts from the records of a phase oddly ignored or mythologized by historians. In clear and profuse tactical detail, Rhea tracks the remarkable events of those nine days, giving a surprising new interpretation of the famous battle that left seven thousand Union casualties and only fifteen hundred Confederate dead or wounded. Here, Grant is not a callous butcher, and Lee does not wage a perfect fight. Within the pages of Cold Harbor, Rhea separates fact from fiction in a charged, evocative narrative. He leaves readers under a moonless sky, with Grant pondering the eastward course of the James River fifteen miles south of the encamped armies.

240 pages

26 Feet to the Charlottes, Exploring the Land of the Haida

Creator: June Cameron | 2009-09-01

When June Cameron and Paul Holsinger set out in 1983 in Paul's ancient 26-foot wooden sloop, "Wood Duck," to cross the perilous Hecate Strait and explore the weather-beaten west coast of the Queen Charlotte Islands (now known as Haida ...

Publisher: Heritage House Publishing Company Limited

About this book
When June Cameron and Paul Holsinger set out in 1983 in Paul's ancient 26-foot wooden sloop, "Wood Duck," to cross the perilous Hecate Strait and explore the weather-beaten west coast of the Queen Charlotte Islands (now known as Haida Gwaii), they knew they would face danger. But June had raced her own sailboat for years and Paul was a gifted mechanic, so they put trepidation aside and answered the call to adventure. Their journey taught them much about the challenges faced by the area's First Nations inhabitants--and much about why skippers do not sail the outer coast of the Charlottes for pleasure. There are no lighthouses, and many rocks and reefs are uncharted. June and Paul's survival would depend on cautious, observant navigation--and luck. "26 Feet to the Charlottes" takes readers to remote beaches, uninhabited First Nations villages, abandoned mines and sheltered coves. Compelling reading for sailors and armchair adventurers alike, June's story conveys the joys and challenges of travelling by boat and living off the sea, and recalls a coast that has changed dramatically in the last century.

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    Hurricane from the Heavens: The Battle of Cold Harbor, May 26 - June 5, 1864 (Emerging Civil War)

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  • Louisiana State University Press

    Cold Harbor: Grant and Lee, May 26-June 3, 1864

    Book (Louisiana State University Press)

    Rating (29 reviews):
    Louisiana State University Press

    A fine continuation of a top-notch history

    I suppose that the most fitting summation of the merits of Gordon Rhea's "Cold Harbor" that I can give would be to simply state that it fully meets the standards established by its predecessors. Rhea has already published three outstanding volumes about the 1864 Overland Campaign waged between Grant and Lee. The present volume wholly lives up to the promise of those earlier books. Despite the complexity of the events described, Rhea's narrative is clear and compelling, and I have gained an understanding of the what's and why's of the Cold Harbor battle that far surpasses anything before.Rhea challenges several popular misconceptions about the battle, especially regarding the famous, ill-fated grand attack of June 3rd. Although in recent years understanding has grown amongst specialist military historians that the image of a hugely costly and essentially unprecedented sacrifice of attacking troops was much more a product of myth rather than fact (Rhea concludes that Pickett's... 5/5 Bruce Trinque (Amston, CT United States) - See all my reviews, August 24, 2002

    Cold Harbor as campaign history...

    Most contemporary histories of the Civil War cover the 1864 Overland Campaign as a series of maneuvers from the Rapidan river ultimately to Appomattox with emphasis on the major battles fought at the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, North Anna River, Cold Harbor and the siege at Petersburg. Little is publicized concerning the planning and marches to and from these prestigous battlefields, until Gordon Rhea's study of this series of battles. In Cold Harbor, Rhea's latest in this series, he comes clean with the details of the maneuvers from the North Anna river to Cold Harbor and the ensuing battles on June 1st and 3rd, 1864. By providing such a complete and comprehensive campaign history, Rhea sacrifices (in my opinion) some of his previous improvements in "readability" and essentially redefines what a "campaign history" reads like.Even though this period does encompass a significant amount of maneuvering, cavalry battles, small infantry engagements and... 4/5 Thomas Moody - See all my reviews, June 25, 2003

    The Overland campaign Series

    The Battle of the Wilderness May 5-6, 1864Product Details* Hardcover: 520 pages* Publisher: Louisiana State University Press (July 1994)* Language: English* ISBN: 0807118737The Battles for Spotsylvania Court House and the Road to Yellow Tavern May 7-12, 1864Product Details* Hardcover: 483 pages* Publisher: Louisiana State University Press (May 1997)* Language: English* ISBN: 0807121363To the North Anna River: Grant and Lee, May 13-25, 1864Product Details* Hardcover: 505 pages* Publisher: Louisiana State University Press (May 2000)* Language: English* ISBN: 0807125350Cold Harbor: Grant and Lee, May 26-June 3, 1864Product Details* Hardcover: 552 pages* Publisher: Louisiana State University Press (September 2002)* Language:... 5/5 James W. Durney (Tampa Bay area) - See all my reviews, July 21, 2006
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  • Springer

    Business Modeling and Software Design: 4th International Symposium, BMSD 2014, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, June 24-26, 2014, Revised Selected Papers (Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing)

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