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531 pages

Kipling, a selection of his stories and poems

Creator: Rudyard Kipling | Literary Criticism - 1956

A collection of stories & poems by Kipling.

About this book
A delightful collection of Kipling's stories and poems.

160 pages

The Cave

Creator: Tim Krabbé | 2003-05-16

Axel gives Egon a suitcase to deliver-and Egon never returns. Utterly compelling and resonant, The Cave is an unforgettable story of betrayal in the spirit of Tim Krabbé's remarkable first novel, The Vanishing.

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

About this book
A stunning psychological thriller about friship, drugs, and murder from the author of The Vanishing.Egon Wagter and Axel van de Graaf met when they were both fourteen and on vacation in Belgium. Axel is fascinating, filled with an amoral energy by which the more prudent, less adventurous Egon is both mesmerized and repelled. Even as a teen, Axel has a strange power over those around him. He defies authority, seduces women, breaks the law. Axel chooses Egon as a friend, a friendship that somehow ures over time and ends up determining Egon's fate.During his university studies, Egon frequents Axel's house in Amsterdam, where there is a party every night and women fill the rooms. Though Egon chooses geology over Axel's life of avarice and drug dealing, he remains intrigued by his friend's conviction that the only law that counts is the law he makes himself. Egon believes that Axel is a demonic figure who tempts others only because he knows they want to be tempted. By the time he is in his forties, Egon finds himself divorced and with few professional prospects. He turns for help to Axel, who sends him to Ratanakiri, a fictional country in Southeast Asia. Axel gives Egon a suitcase to deliver-and Egon never returns.Utterly compelling and resonant, The Cave is an unforgettable story of betrayal in the spirit of Tim Krabbé's remarkable first novel, The Vanishing.

952 pages

The American Heritage Dictionary


The third edition of this dictionary reflects changes in the language in the last ten years with an A-Z section of more than sixteen thousand new words

Publisher: Laurel Leaf

About this book
There are over 350,000 entries and meanings - more than 16,000 of them new - in a single A-Z vocabulary illustrated by over 34,000 written examples and by nearly 4,000 photographs and drawings in "The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition." More than 500 usage notes and comments, including the opinions of a distinguished Usage Panel, provide sound guidance toward grace and accuracy in the use of English. The Third Edition, which contains a newly revised Appendix of Indo-European roots, more than 400 word history paragraphs, thousands of etymologies, over 900 cross-referenced synonym paragraphs, and more than 100 Regional American English Notes, is the only dictionary for those who are interested in the breadth, depth, and often surpirsing history of our language.

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