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336 pages

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Twitter Marketing

Creator: Brett Petersel, Esther Schindler | Business & Economics - 2012-05-01

Just received the newest color of Tumi's vapor series.

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
Twitter has tens of millions of users and its active "tweeters" and followers look to it to answer to the question, "What's happening?" Businesses both large and small can quickly and easily send out highly targeted messages to key customers using Twitter. However, simply grasping only the mechanics of Twitter and flogging a message nobody cares about isn't enough to make a measurable difference. Worse, using Twitter the wrong way can damage a company's brand. The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Twitter Marketing blends an understanding of Twitter's powerful tools and reach with marketing savvy and the key to really engaging followers and converting them to customers. It also covers new features such as the increasing importance of search engine optimization.

232 pages

Benchere in Wonderland, A Novel

Creator: Steven Gillis | Fiction - 2015-08-17

People pass through the terminal carrying boxes, LV and Tumi Vapor bags, suitcases strapped with ropes and belts. Benchere and Daimon walk outside. A copy of the Botswana Gazette is tucked under Benchere's right arm. Kitso ke Maalta.

Publisher: Hawthorne Books

About this book
What is the role of art in the world? And what is the responsibility of the artist? After the death of his wife, Michael Benchere, a well-respected sculptor and once-famous architect, looks for ways to redefine the meaning of his life through the purpose of his art. Determined to create a sculpture that celebrates nothing more than the pure beauty of art, Benchere heads into the Kalahari desert where he is followed quite unexpectedly by a ragtag mix of people. Over the course of his months in the desert, Benchere must address not only the relationship of his art to the world at large, but his own relationship to the world and how our responsibilities, our loves and dreams don’t ever fade in time but, in effect, become evermore defined.

334 pages

Epigrammatum libri octo, Cum aliquot Psalmorum paraphrasi poetica

Creator: Ninian Paterson, Florence Volusene | Bible - 1678

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